Monday, 12 October 2009

New Knights!

The new knights were announced in the sidebar 'knights' section at the start of the month but I thought I'd put up a little post for them here too.

Our new knights are: Nikesh Shukla and Brian Knight (yes, he was already a Knight by name but now he also has the title!)

They've been given relatively free rein to do what they will with their month of power. Curious to see what they get up to - I will report back!

If you stumble across them on twitter - and - don't forget to call them 'Sir' until 5th Nov :) Oooh! 5th Nov - Guy Fawkes Night - wonder who will be the next Knight of the Month. All nominations go into the comments section below.

By the way, when you're tweeting up the Word Nerd Army or our issues, there's a nice short URL you can use - - thanks for all your enthusiasm and ideas. You can also now find the Word Nerd Army group on LinkedIn! Remember to look it up next time you're there.


  1. Part of my duties this month involve taking the power back for writers and cutting out agents, going to the editors.

    Also, learning to sell my book in two sentences... it helps a lot. It really does. If you can't sell your book in two sentences, an editor/agent/PR won't know how to either. make the job easier, learn to sell yourself.

    Check out this funny site:

  2. Well, the pen of power has been handed over to Nikesh and Brian until 5th Nov so hopefully there will be a couple of cracking guest blogs up here shortly. They have authors' rights so it's out of my hands. Cheer on the Knights!!

    If you want to boot them into action or ask them any questions, you can find them on Twitter:

    Brian -
    Nikesh -


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