Sunday, 20 September 2009

Word Nerd Army Award for Knightly Potential

New Rules

On Monday 5th October, the next knight of the month - if one qualifies - will be announced.

Above is a new award. It is the Word Nerd Army Award for Knightly Potential. Sounds rude but isn't.

This is your opportunity to nominate people you think have made a contribution to the cause of words. Maybe they run a writing group or blog or maybe they're an awesome librarian or teacher or maybe they're a writer or simply just passionate about books. You can even nominate yourself! The Award of Knightly Potential shows that a person has been nominated to go forward into the next tournament to choose the Word Nerd Knight of the Month.

How to Nominate Someone

To nominate someone, simply present them with the above award - which shows that you think they have knightly potential - and pass on the following rules.

Rules of the Award/Nomination

Here are the rules a person must follow to display the award and qualify for consideration for the big award - Knight of the Month:

If you are nominated to be the next Word Nerd Knight of the Month, you can put the above award on your blog/site once you have completed the following tasks. The award shows that you are deemed by one of your peers to have the potential to be a Knight of the Month. It is your invitation to the Word Nerd Knight of the Month Tournament.

  1. Follow You need to follow this blog to be entitled to display the award and be considered as a potential Word Nerd Knight.

  2. Put up a post on your own blog/site thanking the person who gave you the award and writing about one of the 11 Word Nerd Army issues that you feel passionate about. Go to the first post - - to see these issues in more detail and the short URLs for each of them. Write about an issue on your blog and link back here at the end of your post.

  3. Come to this post and leave a message in the comment section saying who nominated you and leaving a link to your blog post about the issue you chose to write about. You can also say in your comment why you think you would make a great Knight of the Month.

  4. Nominate 3 more potential Knights of the Month by sending them the award, passing on these rules and linking to this post. Once you have completed 1-4 you have qualified as a potential Knight of the Month as you have shown dedication to words and respect for fellow word lovers - all qualities that make for a great Word Nerd Knight.

  5. Put up your award! Link back to this blog or link to the post in which you wrote about the issue in your own blog. Wait to see if you win the big prize!
If you win, I will contact you and present you with Sir Word Nerd, Knight of the Word Nerd Army, which you display on your site/blog for as long as you are a follower of this blog.

Good luck!



  1. Not one? Really? It's the 2nd today so there's only a couple of days to get nominating.

    I had some questions about whether you could nominate yourself -


    - and whether you could still be allowed to enter if your friends don't put up awards on their blogs.

    The award thing is a bit of fun. If you know 3 people you'd like to give a shout out to for being an awesome word nerd but they don't have space for awards, that's fine.

    The important thing is to make a bit of noise about the issues, spread the love a bit and come back to this comment section and make some noise about it. At this rate it's highly likely that the first person to do so will win! :)


  2. No nominations at all? Right, democracy doesn't work for you people. The Word Nerd Army is now under the rule of a monarch until there's a revolution. I'm stepping up for the job. I am now Queen Word Nerd and I'm appointing a knight... TONIGHT!

    I have some people in mind and you have until the end of litchat to leave reasons here why I should pick you if you also want to be in the running.

  3. Awesome!! Thank you so much Rebecca. I truly appreciate this.

  4. And the winners are.... Brian and Nikesh - see bottom of right hand column.


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