Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Word Nerd Army On Parade - Your Chance to Take a Bow

This is your chance to be heard. Look through the 11 issues we all came up with. Tweet/blog/email all your Word Nerd chums - every single one of the mad group of book lovers that voted for me - and let 'the world' know how you feel. This is my last guest blog for Booktrust. It is a great gig and this particular blog is about you. It is about how my bid to be Ms Twitter became less about platform building and more about what 'word nerds' as a whole were telling me.

If 'the pen is mightier than the pin-up' was a slogan that meant anything to you, if you helped to construct this list of issues, or if any of these issues matter to you then you have bragging rights. Your voice needs to be heard. Please comment on the Booktrust site and under this post. Please put this information up on your blogs and tweet it up. This is the biggest publicity for the Word Nerd Army so far and it won't be up long so let's make the most of it. Now's your chance to tell your story and take a bow for your part in the campaign.

You earned it :)


  1. Stories. (10). Stories matter. Preserving stories matters. And changing the publishing industry to prevent soial exclusion matters. Eevryone's story must be heard. The books we choose to publish are the voice with which we speak to the future.

  2. Thanks Put it up on Booktrust's site too if you haven't already. :)


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How The Word Nerd Army Was Born

A group of tweeple agreed with the idea that:
The Pen is Mightier Than the Pin-up