Thursday, 20 August 2009

Could You Be the Next Word Nerd Knight of the Month'?

At the foot of the right hand column you may have noticed a knight. That is the 'Word Nerd Knight' and is awarded to the 'Knight of the Month'. Most months there will be just the one knight but for the first month, the title was awarded to two brave chaps: Paul Carroll and Dan Holloway.

Rather than have a namby-pamby 'here is my handkerchief' Lady and a kick-butt-charging-into-literary-battle Knight, there is just the one character. As all Word Nerds kick butt (as evidenced in every LitChat bunfight I have observed) and in the spirit of honouring the masculine and feminine within all writers, the Word Nerd Knight carries flowers and is addressed as 'Sir Knight'. Anyone can become 'Knight of the Month' but the title will only be handed out when there is a suitable recipient.

Why are you only 'Knight' for a month? It seemed appropriate, given the way the Word Nerd Army was founded. I am only 'Ms Twitter UK' for a month but I can always claim to have been holder of the title. The same is true for valiant Knights of the Word Nerd Army. It's yours for a month BUT 'Sir Knight' - The Word Nerd Knight - can guard your web site or blog for as long as you are a follower of this blog. You'll only lose the right to display it if you are banned from this blog for acts of extreme badness. When your month has passed you can consider yourself to have been 'Word Nerd Knight of Month The Firste/Seconde' or whatever if you like.

Who Is Word Nerd Knight for Next Month?

That's still up for grabs. I will make my choice at the end of the first week in September so you have a little over two weeks to convince me. I will make my decision based on:
  • Blogs you post about the 11 issues (you must link to this blog and mention the issue that inspired you in your blog post)

  • If you cut and paste the issue as your title, it's more likely to fly up google - points will be awarded for that - remember too that each issue has a memorable URL e.g.

  • Tweeting up of Word Nerd Army etc (e.g. the Word Nerd article on Booktrust's blog -

  • General behaviour befitting a Word Nerd Knight.

When you've done something knightly, put it in the comments section of this post. Points will be awarded for comments in the spirit of promoting the issues of the Word Nerd Army and points will be taken away for blatant self-promotion. Good luck!

Once again, if you want to be able to insist on being called 'Sir' for a month - might be a unique experience if you're female - this is your chance. Let the tournament commence..... NOW!


  1. The chap who wrote the booktrust articles is asking for more comments on both posts. If we do this, it opens the door to other word nerds who want the same chance I was given. I'm giving extra points to anyone who posts a great comment on there and tells me about it here.

    For those of you wanting to refer people to the site with a short url (e.g. on twitter) this goes to the front page -

  2. Does sending the link to The Literacy Site count? (I am many_yarns on Twitter.) Which, by the way, everyone should visit every day. One click = a book given to a child. It's probably the easiest way to help that there is.

  3. ooh - it's a start but there are some pretty impressive would-be knights in the running so we'll have to see how far that takes you :) A big part of it is about promoting Word Nerd Army as we've only got a short while to do a lot of stuff so the more people involved, the better. That said, you did post your effort here - which is more than some of the competitors have done - so you get a point for that :)

    Thanks for the link though. Looks really interesting. Will check it out.


  4. This is a great idea, Rebecca. Unfortunately, I'm just a little too gritty to be acceptable as a knight :D If I describe myself in terms of literary/fictional characters, I'm more akin to Roland (The Dark Tower series) than Dudley Do-Right. Don't go trying to shine me up either, dangit. I have a rep to live up to!

  5. Eric - you can be the Word Nerd Troll if you like. You can hide under the bridge and leap out when you spot serious grammatical errors. :P

  6. don't be shy! I'm getting the DMs about people wanting to nominate themselves but until it's down in this comment box it doesn't count. You can nominate yourself or someone you know then just comment here every time you do something to benefit Word Nerd Army and whoever wins, gets the title and the 'Sir Knight' Award to display on their blog or site.

    Individuals or organisations can apply.

  7. I'll only hand out the title if there's a suitable candidate so nominate yourself or someone else who follows the blog in this comment section to be considered. :)

  8. If you've qualified in every way other than following this blog or posting on this post - quick! Get posting and you're very likely to win!

  9. Um. *pops head in door again* Maybe I'm a little late, but I have a relevant blog post and if nothing else, I'm plugging it here because I think it's an important issue.

    Cory Doctorow is tweeting about making e-books available to be turned into Braille form so visually impaired kids have something to read that's somewhere between a kindergarten book and A Tale of Two Cities.

  10. Devious Medievalist - you missed the September tournament but not Oct - look at the new post. If you jump through the 4 hoops, you're on the list! :)


Thanks for commenting. Can't wait to read your thoughts. Know someone who'd make a good Knight of the Month? Leave their details and a reason with your comment.

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