Sunday, 9 August 2009

Issue 3 - Libraries are variously under-funded or under-attended. More effort needs to go into reconnecting societies with libraries

3/ Libraries are variously under-funded or under-attended. More effort needs to go into reconnecting societies with libraries
  • Do you have any experience of this?

  • Do you know of good research about this?

  • How do you feel about this?

  • How can 'Word Nerds' help on a local/National/International scale?

  • How can we use the internet to help?

  • What do we know that could help governments to deal with this issue?


  1. We've seen this weird trend with library use being up, but funding being drastically cut. Libraries are not luxuries, especially in these economically trying times. Luxuries are one of the greatest values for your tax dollars out there. Twenty dollars spent on one library book can educate or entertain hundreds of people. The purchase of a single easy reader book can teach countless kids how to read. I can't think of any tax-supported program that delivers that much bang for your buck. Libraries need money more than ever to help the hordes of job-seekers looking for work, new skills or how to save money by doing things like car repairs or home repairs themselves. To cut library funding never makes sense, but in these times seems especially insane.

  2. Good points.

    There are two more library issues: 4 and 11.

    4 is about the use of libraries during recession and 11 is about the connection between reading ability and crime.

    Libraries may actually be a way of saving tax pounds/dollars if looked at in a wider context. Government investment in libraries is crucial.

  3. Unfortunately people view the library as outdated because of the Internet when it is the opposite. I believe the libraries should be a shared aspect between government, private business, and communities because if we get children and adults in the library learning something that can only benefit everyone. The library really is a point where all 3 can join and improve the landscape of the economy and the world around us.

  4. Perhaps this is something the Word Nerd Army could get on board with. Plans are set for a blog-a-thon on August 31 to help the Louisville Free Public Library which recently had a huge flood. Details are posted here:

  5. Library development - what does everyone think?


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