Sunday, 9 August 2009

Issue 2 - Millions of people don't read, because they are not inclined to read

2/ Millions of people don't read, because they are not inclined to read. Being a 'word nerd' needs to be seen as a good thing.

  • Do you have any experience of this?

  • Do you know of good research about this?

  • How do you feel about this?

  • How can 'Word Nerds' help on a local/National/International scale?

  • How can we use the internet to help?

  • What do we know that could help governments to deal with this issue?


  1. There is truth in this comment as sad as it may be. People in general don't believe they have the time to read...not that they don't want to. It is a forgotten past time. It is amazing how fast it spreads when one person begins reading on a regular basis around a group. To begin, we need to inject the topic of reading in our regular conversations. You never know, someone may here you talking about reading a book and decide to get it.

  2. you're right. A friend of mine never reads but she was part of a story I submitted to a contest in which the prize was two books. I won and called my friend. She was overjoyed and wanted the book.


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