Sunday, 10 January 2010

Support Our Lady

I have the utmost pleasure to come to you from my own blog, Mightier Than the Sword, and my YouTube channel, under the username "writeranonymous" to ask for your support for Rebecca Woodhead, our Lady and Founder. I was one of the first Knights of the Word Nerd Army, though I cannot quiet remember what it was that I did. However, I am finally uptaking some Knightly duties and requesting that all of you vote for Rebecca.

If my written words aren't enough, here is my exhausted-from-lack-of-doing-anything plea for her, with some of my mad mumbles on either side. I think that just about proves how serious I am about this - I wouldn't put my face onto just about any website if I didn't have a good reason for it (and to be honest, I couldn't be prouder to put my face onto this one).

So vote Rebecca Woodhead in the Shorty Awards and make a Word Nerd's dreams come true. It would also make Rebecca very happy, as far as I'm aware.


  1. Just about to watch the vid. You loon. I told you to plug YOUR BID!! Will watch vid now. Thanks so much for being so sweet. Everyone, vote for @writeranonymous - we're both in the same contest -

  2. Yay! Great vid. Rebecca With-a-Pinch-of-Poverty snuck in there too. Can't wait to read that. Thanks so much for being so supportive but your nomination is just as important as mine. We're in it together remember? As long as at least one of the Word Nerd clan gets into the final we've done something fabulous. Imagine the opportunities to mention the 11 issues and actually change some things for the better. Plus, you know, nice free trip to New York. Be pretty cool if you won that eh? Have already had the New York experience. Can't hog all the good stuff! Would be good to get to number 1, get a screen shot of it, then back off so one of my knights can go on a literary quest to New York.

    For any blog readers... I nominated all the Word Nerd Knights for the literature category, so have a snoop through their blog posts here and vote for the ones you love - or all of them - here


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