Sunday, 9 August 2009

Calling all Word Nerds!

Welcome to the BlogWhen I was running for Ms Twitter UK under the slogan 'the pen is mightier than the pin-up', I gave my word that I would use the publicity if I won to bring attention to a number of issues. Setting up this blog is my attempt to keep my word. The more people who blog about these issues and/or tweet them up, the more visibility they will have. It is only a small contribution but hopefully it will help.

Looking forward to hearing about your ideas. Make yourself at home. Please respect copyright - especially of the lovely pictures my husband drew for the blog. If you quote me, please link back.

Thank you.

Rebecca Woodhead

Word Nerd & Ms Twitter UK


  1. Just left a comment on The Guardian about Twitter. Bad idea I'm sure. Was cyber dive bombed last time I defended twitter on there. If they come over talking books then I'm sure you'll be delightful but if they come over here throwing eggs just ask them to leave.

    Writing many articles this week. Much interest IN this blog but not much interest ON it yet. I know it's only been up a couple of days and there are many posts but please be free with your comments.

    Thanks everyone :)


  2. Hi Rebecca, I've been in a couple of bunfights over at The Guardian. Ironically, the first was with Jane Smith at How Publishing Really Works, who is now amongst my best friends in the literary world. The second was with Sam Jordison, who became a fond and respected sparring partner and has since agreed to take part in Free-e-day. If controversy is handled with courtesy, dignity, and a cheeky smile it can actually be the very best way of making good friends.

    I was actually commenting to say I have nominated this site for the Best Writing ards at

    I would encourage others here to nominate the site. It's a great way to highlight the issues.

    Of course any nominations (you can nomintae more than one) for The Man Who Painted Agnieszka's Shoes ( for championing writers working outside the mainstream, and raising the global social and political issues involved in the future of publishing would be hugely appreciated. But secondary.

  3. thanks for nominating the blog! It looks as if she will pick her favourite 25 nominations and then there will be a competition to see who gets the most votes. If she picks us, I'll definitely put together an election campaign. Keep me posted :)



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